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Red Thread Business Builder

No matter what kind of site you have, what tools you use, or how good you are at what you do, if you don’t have a great foundation set up, you can’t build your profits.

You may not have taken the time to systemize and build a wide and sturdy foundation or maybe you didn’t account for growth hiccups and now your business is running you, instead of you running your business. This can cause your business to topple over or even plateau.

Success comes from building in the right systems and strategies to fertilize your growth properly.

Through our blueprinted process you’ll discover clarity, increased productivity, how to write better copy and content, how to engage and sell without being salesy, and to ultimately convert more prospects to grow your business to the next level.

Our programs are set up in easy to digest, snackable content in both video and audio formats. This allows you to consume the information when you have time at your pace, yet connect with like-minded professionals. We offer a private forum and live Q&A sessions with Tonya on a regular basis to keep you engaged and learning. We know you are busy and constructed the teaching format with you in mind. You don’t miss a thing and you’ll have the info for life!

We also hook you up with an accountability buddy, give you exercises and handouts to get you to take action which is where success starts. We believe in your success and that means delivering information in a way you can implement and see progress and change!

Join the mentorship programs within Business Builder to learn:

  • The key foundational components for a successful business
  • How to be more productive and organized
  • How to clearly and effectively create your story
  • How to brand your story, your message, your work into a unified family
  • Effective selling techniques and pricing formulas
  • How to attract customers to your website and how to engage them
  • How to build authority through your website
  • How to convert leads into returning customers
  • How to build and engage your lists so that they remain sticky
  • Tools and techniques to creating a powerful social impact
  • How to connect with other entrepreneurs and build powerful connections

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