Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Policy

We have full confidence that this software will provide your members/clients with an amazing experience that helps you build that Red Thread Client Culture™.  This will create repeat business, referrals and recurring revenue.

We have dedicated years to discovering what creates a happy frequent-buying client, a strong brand, and growth in business through our 5 diverse companies from brick and mortar to online products, programs and service.

We only want to work with entrepreneurs that want to build their community, create this Client Culture and grow their business. Why not make your Infusionsoft investment even more worthwhile with these plugins that will create an even longer lasting revenue.

By purchasing a license you agree to our 30 day refund policy from date of purchase:

We know you are going to love this software and what it can do, but only if you install it and use it!

Experience our software, install it and set it up, and if it doesn’t start providing your clients with a better experience, request a refund in writing at support@ideareturn.com.

Why do we require that you install it and set it up to get a refund? Because we know if you actually use it the way that we’ve designed, you will achieve the results you desire as your clients begin to use it and create their own success.

I’m challenging you to think different, to act different, and to have the Client Culture in your business that you are meant to have.

We have put in a tremendous amount of work into the software. We want you to match that energy as one of our clients. It’s about consistent and focused action creating results and success!

We want you to be happy but please don’t make the investment and then get “busy”. If you can’t take action and make an effort to make this successful, be kind and consider it next year.

What Version of WordPress is iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner Compatible With?

We have currently fully tested iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner on WordPress 3.9.1. However, be aware that both plugins will still most likely work smoothly on future updates.

In the case that a future WordPress update causes issues with our plugins, we will be sure to update this note and correct the issue as soon as possible.

How does this software installation work?

For beta, we wanted to roll out the available licenses in small groups. We are anticipating 2-4 possible groups.

Each group will have a start day, however, you will be added in to previous already purchase license-holder groups. This way we can help each small group of licensees get going successfully.

Upon rollout of the license you will be directed to a Resource Center where all information for set up will be available. Set up is simple and step-by-step pictorial tutorials are provided.

There will also be a forum set up to answer any questions you might have on setup.  Not to mention, you will have the ability to collaborate with other high-level marketers with what they do to build their communities during this exclusive beta bonus.

How much work is involved in setting everything up?

iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner are designed to be very easy to get set up and running. The installation and setup is actually fairly quick. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed when we mention something in Infusionsoft. We are barely scratching the surface of Infusionsoft.

In order to get started, what you need to do is:

1) Install the plugins following our How To’s

2) Create a campaign in Infusionsoft that will create members, send an email to them with their login username and password and tag them with your membership tag. Again, you can follow our How To step-by-step through the process.

3) Create your Member Resource Center on your WordPress Website just like you would any other page. Remember that this is just a WordPress page that you have complete control over. The only limitations are dictated by the WordPress Theme you chose.

4) Before (or after) you publish the Resource Center, make sure to add the Protection (as explained in our How To) so that the page is only visible to those members who have the tag.

Once you’ve completed those 4 steps, your membership pages are ready to go. Remember that the look of your website is dictated by the theme choice (colors, headers, footers, side panels, grid, layout, etc) on your WordPress site.  Every post and page on your site is your “content”.  You or your designer can create as many pages on your site as you need for your program/product/service. iBELONGmember then protects those pages inside your WordPress site.  It does not create pages (or content) inside WordPress because this would limit your creative freedom. You would have to pick a theme that worked with iBELONGmember and you would be stuck with our decisions, which may or may not match your brand.  Your theme dictates the level of customization of your site’s layout and appearance.

Next is setting up iACCOMPLISHpartner.

iACCOMPLISHpartner provides a short code to embed your iACCOMPLISHpartner program into one of your pages. However you or your web designer must create the page that it resides on (that page can be as simple as just a blank page with the code pasted on).  

iACCOMPLISHpartner allows easy customization of colors and terminology to match your brand through the main settings page (again, check out the How To’s for more details).  

The main task here is going to be identifying the milestones and tasks that you want to include. Spend some time working through your own program and identifying what users should be doing to not only complete the program (the minimum requirements to “pass”), but what they COULD do to go above and beyond (the 80th and 99th settings).

It should be noted, iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner do not create resource pages or any other content.  This is created the same as any other WordPress page by your WordPress theme. You will be responsible for creating those pages.

I want to migrate my Membership Site over to using iBELONGmember. Can I do that?

This is a multi-tier question.

1) Are Your Contacts Already in Infusionsoft?

iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner integrate directly with Infusionsoft. The only way for a member to be added to iBELONGmember (and your WordPress website) is if a Contact Record exists in Infusionsoft. If your contacts are only in a 3rd party service that is not Infusionsoft, you will need to find a way to migrate them to Infusionsoft. This applies to current contacts as well as future contacts.


2) Do You Have Content on WordPress Already?

iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner only work within WordPress. They will protect WordPress pages, posts, categories and content. They cannot affect a third party service outside of WordPress without some form of third party integration.

However, because iBELONGmember creates an actual WordPress user, it is fairly simple to integrate iBELONGmember by integrating third party services with WordPress. One example of this is if you’d like a member-only forum. Because iBELONGmember automatically creates a WordPress user, you can use something like Simple:Press which can restrict access to a forum to only members. Be aware that there is currently not an automated system to differentiate between programs within Simple:Press. This means that once someone became a member, the default would give them access to all of your forums (thus it requires a simple manual step to grant specific permissions to different groups of members).

If your content is not on WordPress, you will need to migrate your content to WordPress if you want to use the protections from iBELONGmember.


3) Does iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner work with…

iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner were designed specifically to be used on a WordPress website. They pull the information from Infusionsoft and allow you to access a good portion of it from WordPress to do things like checking if a contact as a specific tag to provide access to content.

They were designed to be very versatile and very compatible. So most other third party tools should work smoothly with them.

However, iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner only communicate with WordPress and Infusionsoft. It will be your responsibility to make sure that information is being handled appropriately between the software and any other 3rd party software (we wish that we could make iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner work with everything, but that is simply not a possibility due to the quantity of other software out there and the variety that our clients use).


4) What’s the First Step in a Migration?

The first thing you should do is, if you haven’t already, set up your WordPress website’s public side. If you are not intending to have a public side to your WordPress website, then you can skip this step, but you will still need to decide on a Theme for your WordPress website and set the general structure. You will also still need a WordPress website available to install the plugins on.

The next step is making sure that your contacts are in Infusionsoft. If you have been using a third party service to hold your contacts, you will need to export those contacts and migrate them to Infusionsoft. Again, iBELONGmember will only be able to see contacts within Infusionsoft. It cannot see members from other third party software.

Once those two steps are completed, you would need to install iBELONGmember and then iACCOMPLISHpartner. You want to install these and complete the basic setup so that you can protect your content as you create it and so that you can automatically create new members from Infusionsoft (you can refer to our PDF How To’s which will walk you through step-by-step).

The last step is the most time consuming and can significantly vary. You will need to create your content, including a Membership Resource Center for clients to access. This can simply be a WordPress page that you create (iBELONGmember does not create any pages or content for you). Once you have created this, you can begin sending login details to clients and your program is ready to go.

What if I need help with installation, Infusionsoft® or marketing strategy on my campaigns?

No problem. We’ve been using Infusionsoft® for nearly 4 years ourselves for both our retail/wholesale product business and then for our coaching programs and services company.

In fact for over a year we’ve had 2 of our tech team members certified as Infusionsoft® Certified Consultants.

We are happy to offer the following additional services to your company:

  • Infusionsoft® sales and set up of the Kickstarter
  • Tech Implementation Hours (single hours, 10, 20 or 30 hour packages) to be used to help you set up your campaigns, sales pages, etc
  • Marketing Strategy Consultation: let us help you with the strategy of designing your campaigns, your branding (visual to verbal), community building strategies, and launching your programs/products

Will I Encounter Problems If I Have Hundreds/Thousands of Users?

iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner can handle any quantity of users.

However, Infusionsoft and your hosting can have unforeseen limits.

Infusionsoft limits the number of times that any 3rd party plugin can communicate with it. Because iBELONGmember uses Infusionsoft’s data, it will occasionally need to “call” Infusionsoft to get information. We have optimized how these calls work so that iBELONGmember only needs to call a few times. iACCOMPLISHpartner also makes calls for task completion with tag applications. These calls can add up very quickly if you have a high volume of users all completing tasks simultaneously.

Infusionsoft allows you to store up to 10,000 “credits” for calls. A new credit can be added up to this limit every 500ms (yes, milliseconds) of inactivity. This means that most users will never have issues with this limit, but it is something to be aware of.

As for your host’s limits, remember that you are running a website on a host that has limited bandwidth. Often, people will use shared hosting (meaning that the server’s bandwidth is actually limited by not only your usage by everyone’s usage on that server). These limits rarely become noticeable, but are also something you should be aware of.

We strongly recommend that if you have a lot of hits to your website or a lot of members that would be visiting your site often (multiple times a day at least) that you consider upgrading to your own server or switching to a hosting service that provides this upgraded service.

What do I need to use the software?

iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner REQUIRE both a self hosted WordPress Website (see WordPress.org for more information) and an active Infusionsoft Application.

“Self-Hosted” means that you are hosting the website yourself or through a hosting service (such as BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy, etc). What does not work is if you are using a “Hosted” version of WordPress.com (meaning that WordPress.com is hosting the website for you). The reason for this is that WordPress.com limits the functionality available within WordPress to prevent people from creating malicious content on the free service. This severely limits what plugins can be installed and how much access they have. WordPress.org (the provider for “Self-Hosted” WordPress websites) allows much more power for professional websites.

These plugins do NOT work with WordPress.com websites.

I’m not sure I can afford the software or will get the full value being charged.

We want to make sure that those that buy the software, especially the beta clients, are using it. So if you aren’t ready, wait until you can use it.

During the beta as an exclusive bonus, we will be there to support you as you install and use the software. We want you to be our first case studies and testimonials so we too are invested in your success!

We want you to share with us the difference it is making in your Client Culture. In building your loyal community that believes that you are their next-best-habit and they need to be part of all of your integrated product/program offerings.

Just think if you even have 10 people in your group program, or 10 executive clients where you work 1:1, just imagine if 2 of them had a better experience and renewed their contract at the end of the year. What’s that worth to you?

What if a bigger percentage of those 10 went out to refer other clients to you?

Having a membership platform on your site builds you as their next-best-habit. They come back to your site repeatedly over the course of the program. You make it easy for them to consume from the buffet of your offerings. You limit the time your team has to spend explaining where to find your content and how to easily download that information.

Not to mention they feel cared for and cared about through the accountability tasks you set up. You make it fun and create a reward system for each milestone they complete. Everyone wants to feel appreciated.

You want to feel appreciated for sharing your genius work and helping them transform their business or life. They want to feel appreciated because they entrusted their money and time in you to not only provide that transformation but to bring them into your community as a valued member.

What would that Red Thread Client Culture™ be worth to you? This software’s value is immeasurable and we’ve been told we should charge a lot more for it. But we are building that Red Thread too and are hand picking our beta clients. It’s a partnership in Client Culture success!

How Many Websites Can I Run This On?

iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner beta program users can install and use the software on only one WordPress site.

Additional plans will be available after the beta has finished.

How Many Users Can I Have?

We have removed the limit on users. A license can have an unlimited amount of users. Remember that your host and Infusionsoft application may impose limits on the number of active users you can have at any one time.

But I need group interaction or a way for each group to chat and post questions, issues or shares.

We are already working on new features that will be available as additional plugins to iBELONGmember. These new features will allow you to keep your community conversations happening in one place where you own the content, and again drives users to your site where you become their next best habit… top of mind!

We expect this plugin to be available in 2014. Our beta clients will get first dibs at a special price as being part of our highly valued VIPs.

While we are working on a more robust integration system for handling this, iBELONGmember does actually allow quite a bit. Because iBELONGmember creates users within WordPress, it is fairly easy to manually use it in conjunction with tools like Simple:Press. This can provide you with an easy to set up forum with very minimal manual work.

In addition, you can actually set up private pages for just specific members (this requires manually applying a tag to the members in Infusionsoft). By simply enabling WordPress comments on that private page, those members, and only those members, will be able to interact with each other through the built-in WordPress Comment functionality. This is great in that you can set up content on the page to help guide your clients while providing comments so that they can interact with each other.

What Happens At the End of the 1 Year License?

Your license will automatically renew and you will be billed at the current public pricing. If you wish to cancel your license, you can at any time.  Please note that there are no refunds (partial or otherwise) after the 30 day initial refund period.

Cancellations are required at least 30 days via written notification to support@ideareturn.com, prior to your expiration date to prevent automatic renewal.

If you opt to cancel the renewal of your license, iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner’s functionality will end at the end of your 1 year period automatically. At this time, all of your protected content will become hidden from everyone (regardless of the permissions as iBELONGmember will no longer be communicating with Infusionsoft). At this time you can switch to an alternate tool or you can remove the content manually from your website so that it does not go public upon uninstalling iBELONGmember.

What Price Can Be Expected at the End of the Beta?

As of July 31st (or the date when we leave beta), we anticipate the pricing will increase to:

iBELONGmember, 1 Year License: $650* / Year iBELONGmember with iACCOMPLISHpartner 1 Year License: $1725* / Year

* These prices estimates, the actual prices may vary.

What Is Included in the Beta?

You will receive a copy of iBELONGmember and/or iACCOMPLISHpartner, but you will actually get so much more by participating in the beta.

Because we are invested in making these plugins the best possible, beta members will receive additional support and assistance that will not be available once the plugins are officially launched.

We are currently working on setting up private forums on IdeaReturn where our beta users will be able to connect and collaborate on how to make the most of the tools.

I Have Multiple Domains Pointing at My Main Domain, Is That Okay?

The standard 1-domain license with iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner only limit how many domains you can install the actual plugins on. Let say you have your program pages on your main domain, but you have 3 or 4 other domains that all redirect traffic to your main domain. You would install iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner on your main domain (where your WordPress is installed). Traffic getting to your main domain via the redirected domains will still function properly because they are actually visiting your main domain (they’re just using a different path to get there).

My VA is Familiar with CustomerHub/iMember360. How Difficult is iBELONGmember in Comparison?

We have designed iBELONGmember to be as easy to install and get going as possible. Remember that we also use this for our own programs. We wanted something that was powerful enough to protect our content but easy enough to use that it didn’t become a hurdle figuring out.

Setting up iBELONGmember on your WordPress website is actually very easy. We provide step-by-step tutorials that will walk you through the process of getting it installed and linking it to your Infusionsoft account.

To actually protect a page, post or post category, all you have to do is type in the name of the tag that gives client’s permission. It’s really that easy.

Creating members is almost identical to the steps used by most competitors because its the bare minimum required. In Infusionsoft, you simply have to do the following:

1) Adds a tag that will show that they have “permission” to see certain pages. 2) Add an HTTP post with text we provide (this will automatically notify iBELONGmember to create the member, add a randomized password if there isn’t one and link the accounts). 3) Send an email that lets the member know what their username and password are.

You can see the exact steps required to set up both iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner by clicking here

Do You Provide Page Templates or How Hard is it to Create Member Pages?

The look of the website is dictated by the theme choice (colors, headers, footers, side panels, grid, layout, etc) on your WordPress site.

Every post and page on your site is your “content”.  You or your designer create your pages on your website. iBELONGmember then protects your pages inside your WordPress site.  

It does not create pages (content) inside WordPress.  Your theme dictates the level of customization of your site’s layout and appearance.

iACCOMPLISHpartner provides a short code to embed your iACCOMPLISHpartner program into one of your pages. However you or your web designer will have to create the page that it sits on.  

iACCOMPLISHpartner does allow customization of colors and terminology to match your brand.  

It should be noted, iBELONGmember and iACCOMPLISHpartner do not create resource pages or any other content.  This is created on your WordPress page by you, using your WordPress theme.

Why don’t we provide templates or pages? Because we want your membership website to be completely your own. We don’t want to limit you with templates. You can find powerful WordPress Themes that can give you the exact look you want, and we want you to have that freedom. Not to mention if we attempted to force you to use certain pre-designed templates, iBELONGmember would not longer be compatible with most themes. Your theme would have to fit the templates we provided.

Not sure how to make your membership website look? Take a look at the PDF downloadable on this page that shows examples from Tonya’s own Circlepreneurs event.