iBELONGmember & iACCOMPLISHpartner

Optimize Your Revenue
Through Membership Gamification

✓ Repeat clients spend 33% more than new clients.
✓ Referrals among existing clients are 107% more than non-clients.
✓ A new prospect costs 6x more to sell to.

iBELONGmember™ + iACCOMPLISHpartner™ is software that easily delivers your programs and content to clients and establishes your work as their next best habit. Our software tools help your clients facilitate successful change implementation and integration of new skills, all while making accountability fun and rewarding.
Create raving fans, loyal clients and repeat revenue easily!

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Create Members-Only Content

Protect your content quickly and easily. Simply enter a tag on each WordPress page that is associated with your members in Infusionsoft®, and your content is automatically protected.

Take it further and protect your downloads by using our automatically generated, self-expiring Amazon S3 links. Simply copy-paste a “shortcode” (this is a shortcut in WordPress that lets you include and use code without being required to understand it). The links on your website can no longer be shared.

Personalize Your WordPress Website

Engage with members at a whole new level by customizing the entire website experience around who they are specifically.

Once logged in, WordPress knows who they are. Pull information from their contact record in Infusionsoft® to show things like their name, their email and other personal information.

Customize their experience. Visuals exude success! Create visually-oriented pages and automatically direct them (and anyone else with similar interests) to those branded pages. Let your website automatically help capture their interest.

Stagger your content release based on their personal completion. Are they still struggling with Module 1? Don’t overwhelm them by releasing Module 2’s content. Open up a “Need Help” page automatically after a week if they have not progressed where they can get the automatic additional help they need to make sure that they are happy with your service.

Create Teaser Content for Non-Members

Don’t lose leads because they keep stumbling into members-only areas. Create unique teaser content specifically for non-members. This can be for general visitors on your page, showing a preview of what the members-only area is like and what they are missing out on. It could also be content specifically crafted for certain programs that show additional benefits from other programs you are currently running.

iBELONGmember™ allows WordPress to know exactly which programs a member is a part of and which programs the member does not belong to. Use these to set specific automatic permissions and to custom-tailor your website experience based on who exactly is viewing it.

Engage Users by Holding Them Accountable

Don’t just provide great content, check in with members to make sure that it is clicking with them. Add an accountability system with iACCOMPLISHpartner™ that will ask members to not only return to your members area often, but will encourage them to complete each task as they strive to reach that passing grade.

Not only are you encouraging them to simply do the work, but you can set even higher goalposts that will really give those who want to succeed to push to complete the work!

Track and monitor their progress as they move through your program and see where your hang-ups are and what you can do to improve the systems you have in place!

Automate Rewards and Check-Ups

Don’t manually track each student and send out personal emails for every thing. Save yourself the headaches of monitoring, tracking and handling each student by automating the major rewards and automating the check-ups with clients who aren’t progressing as well as they should be.

Using iACCOMPLISHpartner™’s accountability system, you can automatically reward those who are excelling. You can also automatically followup with clients who have not been keeping up. Offer tips, incentives and bonuses for completing assignments. Gamify their learning process today!

Badges, gift cards, brownies and additional content rewards build your client culture and success!

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What is iBELONGmember™ and iACCOMPLISHpartner™?

iBELONGmember™ and iACCOMPLISHpartner™ are plugins that can be installed on your WordPress website, integrating your WordPress website with your Infusionsoft® account.

What does iBELONGmember™ do?

iBELONGmember™ links your Infusionsoft® application with your WordPress website, allowing you to pull information directly from Infusionsoft® and use it on your WordPress website (such as contact information like name and email). More importantly, it can automatically create WordPress users when specific actions (such as purchasing a product or completing a web form) are completed within Infusionsoft®. You can then allow clients to login to your website. Once logged in, WordPress will have full knowledge of what tags that user has in Infusionsoft®, and iBELONGmember™ can allow you to restrict what content they have available to them.

What does iACCOMPLISHpartner™ do?

iACCOMPLISHpartner™ is an add-on to iBELONGmember™. iACCOMPLISHpartner™ takes the integration with Infusionsoft® one step further by allowing you to create programs within WordPress with “Tasks” that clients can manually mark complete. By adding this accountability portion to your website, you are encouraging your clients to actively participate in your program. Additionally, iACCOMPLISHpartner™ can report back to Infusionsoft® when specific tasks are completed by marking that contact record with a specific tag. Using these tags, emails can be sent out from Infusionsoft®, campaigns can be started and content can be released.

What do I need to get started?

iBELONGmember™ is a plugin that is installed on your WordPress Website. It also requires an active Infusionsoft® application. iACCOMPLISHpartner™ requires iBELONGmember™ in addition to your WordPress Website and Infusionsoft®.

Don’t have Infusionsoft® yet? Contact us because we can get you set up!  We are Infusionsoft® Certified Consultants, ready to help you automate your marketing!

If I decide to uninstall iBELONGmember™ or iACCOMPLISHpartner™, what happens to my content?

Your content will remain within Infusionsoft® and WordPress. Any tasks or programs that you set up within iACCOMPLISHpartner™ will no longer function without iACCOMPLISHpartner™ and protections will no longer be active without iBELONGmember™, but all content that you create will still remain. Additionally, you can opt to leave the data specific to iBELONGmember™ and iACCOMPLISHpartner™ on your website. This will make it so that you can re-install and re-activate both services in the future and pick up right where you left off.

How complicated is it to begin using iBELONGmember™ and iACCOMPLISHpartner™?

Both services are designed around the idea that they should be very easy to use. We include Getting Started How To PDFs with both services that will walk you through, step by step, on the initial installation and setup. However, you will find that both services are very straight-forward and intuitive to use. As an example, protecting a page is as easy as typing in the name of the tag in Infusionsoft® that is applied to members of your program.

Do I need to know how to use Infusionsoft® to use iBELONGmember™?

There are only two required actions that must occur in Infusionsoft® for iBELONGmember™ to be utilized on your website properly. First, you need to tag users who purchase your program or who enroll. Second, you need to copy and paste a URL into an Infusionsoft® action step (Send HTTP Post) within the campaign builder (or via their legacy action sets). These are very basic steps within Infusionsoft®. If you have a basic understanding of the software, you can complete these steps with the help of our How To PDFs. Optionally, this is a step that most Virtual Assistants with basic familiarity in Infusionsoft® can complete on your behalf.